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Beijing city site debuts in 8 foreign languages

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China's capital has launched an international version of its government website with information in eight languages, providing information on living, working, studying, traveling and investment.

The launch of Beijing's multilingual websitebeijing.gov.cnis the latest effort to increase the capital's openness to the world and build the city into an international communications center. It has information in English, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

Tony Jamaal Reid, 38, from the United States, who has been living in Beijing for five years, said the site is relatively user-friendly and easy to navigate.

"It provides comprehensive resources for visitors and foreign residents," he said. "It's a must have for those new to the city."

Reid said the information on official documents and tourism are the most relevant for him, and he hopes that the website will keep its content updated.

Li Zunwei, deputy head of the division that manages websites for the municipal government, said officials will continue to improve the website and strengthen online services for expats.

Hamza al-Fathle from Jordan, a resident of Beijing for 11 years, said the website includes lots of information including news, events and cultural activities and "can help foreigners to understand the city in their own languages".

It has detailed information on "how to get residential certificates, driver's licenses and things like that," he said. "We can leave messages to ask questions online directly and get answers fast."

There is extensive information on investment and starting a company in Beijing. The living section covers information including housing, transportation, medical services, children's education, finance, safety, catering and shopping.

Over decades, Beijing has been making great efforts to provide a convenient environment for foreigners, officials said.

Chen Jining, mayor of Beijing, said earlier this year that the capital's plans include creating areas with a familiar feel for foreigners, including accelerating the construction of communities for international talent.

In 2019, Beijing had eight such pilot communities, seven international hospitals and six international medical service regions. Meanwhile, it has started a three-year plan to develop international schools to provide better education services for foreigners.