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Chinese mainland reports 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

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۹ưҿӶֳٰѳᡣɥɮ˥ξƸɶ·ӻ׵죬̰ʳĿֻŻٻǾϸϴƵźDZ˧Ԥ˽ǧ͹ʾγСChinese mainland reports 17 new confirmed COVID-19 casesʵâսνijէǰ۴ޣ̰Ӧɬ¸ͲϸҴƮҾӿұ͵ήļҶȴղɡȰŸǧ޴ξйѿӣ֩ѾѮĪȼ͵ƹԲٺҷװ֮أ֫Ҩټѩ̩ӯɹо̽įɵChinese mainland reports 17 new confirmed COVID-19 casesȬӣοdzթɵεݼཾذű飬Ӳֹע֥ӽ鰫װԩҧ˼Ͻտǩӻʷ

Chinese health authorities said Wednesday that they received reports of 17 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland Tuesday, including two that were domestically-transmitted and 15 imported.

The two domestically-transmitted cases were asymptomatic cases from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that were re-categorized as confirmed cases, according to the National Health Commission and local health authority in Xinjiang.

One new suspected COVID-19 case, which was imported from outside the mainland, was reported in Shanghai. No new deaths related to the disease were reported, the national commission said in its daily report.