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CIIE publishes layout of exhibition halls

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The detailed layout of all exhibition halls of the third China International Import Expo, which will be held from Nov 5 to 10, was published on Oct 27.

Among the six exhibitions of the expo, the exhibition of consumer goods is the largest, covering four halls of the expo venue C the National Exhibition and Convention Center.

The rest of the exhibitions are for automobiles, healthcare and medical equipment, trade in services, food and agricultural products, and intelligent industry and information technology.

Four new special sections have been set up in the exhibitions C the public health and epidemic prevention in Hall 8.1, the energy saving and environment protection in the North Hall, smart transportation in Hall 1.2, and sporting and gaming in Hall 5.1.

The food and agricultural products exhibition hosts the most exhibitors C more than 1,000 from nearly 100 countries and regions.

The automobile exhibition has attracted the world's top seven car makers as well as auto parts manufacturers.

The intelligent industry and information technology exhibition will be attended by a host of leading electric and engineering equipment companies.

The exhibition area for consumer goods has exceeded the original plan with a new 7,000-square-meter sporting section where 90 percent of the companies are first-time exhibitors.

The number of world's Fortune 500 and pharmaceutical giants attending the healthcare and medical equipment exhibition has doubled compared with the first edition of the expo.

The area for consulting and financial firms has also been expanded in the exhibition of trade-in service, which covers a wide arrange of services.