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S. Korea reports 118 more COVID-19 cases, 26,925 in total

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South Korea reported 118 more cases of the COVID-19 as of midnight Tuesday compared to 24 hours ago, raising the total number of infections to 26,925.

The daily caseload rose above 100 in three days due to small cluster infections in Seoul and its surrounding Gyeonggi province as well as imported cases.

Of the new cases, 39 were Seoul residents and 41 were people residing in Gyeonggi province.

Twenty were imported from overseas, lifting the combined figure to 3,845.

Two more deaths were confirmed, leaving the death toll at 474. The total fatality rate stood at 1.76 percent.

A total of 106 more patients were discharged from quarantine after making full recovery, pulling up the combined number to 24,616. The total recovery rate was 91.42 percent.

Since Jan. 3, the country has tested more than 2.66 million people, among whom 2,611,080 tested negative for the virus and 24,255 are being checked.